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I’m Awake, Am I Awake? Early Morning Storm

I was comfortable, somewhere between that awake and asleep state. That point where your conscious is trying to tell your subconscious that you are about to be rudely awakened. By an angry dog growling. A very terrified Molly was trying … Continue reading

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October Twenty-ninth; Preparations For The Storms

Not the way I prefer being awakened. It was that serene sleep. The sleep when you are slightly awake but are enjoying the act of simply resting. You know you will be getting up soon, but for the moment, just … Continue reading

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September Eighth; Already a Second Pot of Coffee Morning

Who needs an alarm clock when you have thunder? I wasn’t expecting that manner of awakening this morning. I was actually awake, well not fully, and definitely not out of bed when I heard the first rumble of thunder. It … Continue reading

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