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Day Sixty-six; Footnotes Photos

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February Eighth; When We Gather

Strength in numbers. Jeep strong, truckers strong, when we gather together under one accord, we show strength. We can do it rationally, calmly, respectfully, or not. Creating chaos may get attention, but it really won’t progress your cause. It will … Continue reading

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November Fifth; Thankful for, The Greatest Gift

Pet the squirrel.I was reading a list of these last words and confessions.One of them had a person who was telling of the regrets they had and things they had wished they had done. Things they had not taken the … Continue reading

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Day 114; Footnotes of Missed Opportunities

Fear is a jailer, anxiety a prison, trepidation the uniform worn.¬† That comfort zone, so safe, free of what if, so dark and cold. As one peers out that window barred with unease, at the world passing by. It can … Continue reading

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  ¬†Alone. The very worst feeling, was feeling alone. Like there was no one out there who understood. Of course there was people who had an understanding of what they endured, but no one can ever fully comprehend your feelings … Continue reading

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