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Day 227; Footnotes of Days Like Today

In the distance I hear thunder. The breeze coming in through the open windows has cooled down immensely. Still, the crickets are singing while they are able. Both dogs are inside, both staring toward the door as if watching and … Continue reading

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Day 213; Lovely Sunday Easing Down

┬áSome might call it a boring day. I call it restful. I went to church this morning, spending time with people I have known some for a life time, others not as long. Each still special and important. The message … Continue reading

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October Eleventh- Sunday Morning Coming Down

I have grown so accustomed to the falling acorns, I didn’t even hear the rain falling during the night.From the appearance of my yard, it has been falling for a while. Both my front and back yards look like swamp … Continue reading

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