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April Fourth; The Sound of Joy

That sound was music to our ears…sort of. On March twenty-eighth one of the cats had kittens in our back yard right up against the wall of the house. Four tiny but cute lives right out in the open. The … Continue reading

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October Third; My Thoughts and Feelings About the Show and Shine

I was hoping to see the final totals from yesterday but that will come, and when it does I’ll update. This morning was one of my scheduled days to volunteer in the nursery at church. Waking up this morning wasn’t … Continue reading

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Day 99; Footnotes of Yes… I Can

Today was busy for me. I got Bella ready and off we went to hike the mountain at Crowder’s Mountain State Park. Our usual place for torture… I mean escape and getting into nature. The moment I parked the Jeep … Continue reading

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Levels of Courage

I wrote this years ago in honor and memory of my husband I was thinking today that there are many levels of courage. The train of thought came up because I wish I was courageous but I’m not. I know … Continue reading

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Day 313- Footnotes on Having a Dream

Hello Friend,  I did so enjoy our conversation today.  I find it very interesting how we can cover so many topics, circle back to a previous topic and discuss that same topic from a different perspective. But there is one … Continue reading

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Difference is a matter of perspective; being purple in a red world

     I wonder about the diagnoses of Attention Deficit Disorder with or without hyperactivity. I wonder, if it truly is a disorder or if its called one because those diagnosed don’t fit neatly in the box like all of the … Continue reading

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