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Struggles and Kitten Purrs

Well, this has been a day. It hasn’t been one of my better mental health days and I actually feel guilty over that. And that, adds to the struggle. The very first thing I did this morning, may have been … Continue reading

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This Health Journey Chronicles

The journey begins. I saw on the blood test results that my cholesterol levels are high. The numbers show 274 when it should be under 200, the LDL at 185 when it should be under 100. Obviously they want to … Continue reading

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Day Seventy-eight; Footnotes and Thoughts on Today’s Project

I hurt. Today would have been so much easier if I had a tractor or other way to simply push that pile down the hill. But, I don’t so it was a slow, manual process. One I didn’t finish but … Continue reading

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August Tenth; If I Could Ask For a Gift, In This My Month Of Birth

It would be ability. I have been sitting here for the last four hours attempting this. I’ve had false starts aplenty. I have thought of and rejected many ideas. I have saved and I have deleted because nothing felt right. … Continue reading

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August Fifth; In This Month of My Birth, if I Could Ask For a Gift It Would Be..

Flies. I would ask for flies, and the correct methods to take care of them. I don’t mean the pesky bugs, I have plenty of those buzzing around and being annoying. I mean the ones that are bigger, the flies … Continue reading

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A Mind Like Mush

I am incredibly sleepy.  I have been fighting yawns and that desire to nap all day. If I give in and nap, I won’t sleep tonight. That is a truth I have learned over the past four plus years. Once … Continue reading

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May Twenty-seventh; Strong Fences, Make

I’m sitting here waiting on mom’s morning call and listening to one of the kids across the dirt road calling their dog. They’ve been out there for the last fifteen minutes or so calling. I know that it hasn’t come … Continue reading

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May Eighteenth; What’s in Your Storage Building?

Over to one side of the yard, is our  storage building. Dad had it built when he and mom still lived in this house. His intentions were to open a bait and tackle shop, instead it stored his boat. Buying … Continue reading

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April Twenty first; Content…or Content?

Life can at times throw a tremendous sucker punch. I mention my life and times, good and bad, often. Not because I think what I went through was worse (or better) than what others have, or that my life has … Continue reading

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Day Fifty-eight; Footnotes of Fear

I have problems getting people to understand the deep seated fear that I battle. They cannot or will not comprehend what I am afraid of and why I am afraid to begin with. Even my own son, gives me the … Continue reading

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