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January Thirtieth; We Are, What we Consume

I had planned on attending church today.I need to get back in there before I lose my favorite place to sit.  However I woke up with my allergies acting up and no daytime medicine handy. I figured me sitting there … Continue reading

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Day 170; Footnotes Because of People, There is No More Room at the Inn

As I write this, I am doing something I don’t normally do. I am waiting to hear back from Animal Control. No, not over the neighbor’s dog, but because for some reason a large Husky has decided to take up … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty

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Here kitty kitty…trust me okay?

So, yeah, it appears I have become the reluctant cat lady. Reluctant because I do not have the means to take care of them as they need. Reluctant because I don’t want to get attached only for them to disappear … Continue reading

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Footnotes of January Sixteen, Where are the cats?

I didn’t see the kitten expecting kittens (maybe) today. I kept watching for her, but only saw the growing black with the tiny white spot cat. It visited a couple times looking for food. I’ll admit that late in the … Continue reading

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