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Day 208; Footnotes of Being Prepared

The thunder rumbles in the distance, the sky has grown increasingly dark. The growing dark causing the solar lights out front to come on, one by one. A flickering against the approaching clouds. From the woods, the tree frogs call … Continue reading

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Facing the Unknown

  What do you do, when you don’t know what to do? How do you face, the unknown? Currently there is a storm approaching. The weather prognosticators on television have warned that it is bad, there have been a lot … Continue reading

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Day 199; Footnotes of Storms and Concerns They Bring

All it took was one rumble of thunder. Both dogs are inside and safe from the thunder demon but with every rumble they look toward the sound. Rain is falling fairly hard, I need to move my car into the … Continue reading

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July Eighth; Memory Lane 1- Memories of Hugo

I woke to the sounds of rain. As I spoke with my mother moments ago she laughed when I told her that at some point last night I had wakened with the thought in my head that if it hadn’t … Continue reading

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Day 167; Footnotes of Calming The Storms

I was actually concerned over going out today. My allergies are showing out big time and that, I feared was going to be a potential problem. However, I needed groceries. The big box store might deliver way out here, but … Continue reading

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June Sixteenth; Source of Calm

 At the moment, things are calm. Bella is stretched out on the floor inside and Molly is outside guarding the perimeter of her domain. At times barking, or grumbling like a discontent geriatric when the neighbor’s kids come out to … Continue reading

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Day 87; Footnotes of Storms of Success

I watched the weather today. We were under a severe weather watch and the clouds looked just threatening enough to bring that about. Thankfully there wasn’t anything severe here. Between rain showers though, amazing things happened. I got tired of … Continue reading

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In the Midst of the Storm

 I’ve been watching the weather all day. While for the most part it was this cloudy, foggy, drizzly blah of a day, I knew they were warning the area of the potential for bad storms. As the time slowly ticked … Continue reading

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Day 76; Footnotes of If It Comes

 Will it? Won’t it? Come up a serious storm tomorrow? And if it does, am I ready?  I can remember a time when storms didn’t bother me. A thunder storm would come up and I’d go on about my day … Continue reading

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March Sixth; The Sunshine

 I did not have to give my son a ride to work this morning, he happily drove his now repaired car. The morning began overcast and slightly depressing.  As I scrolled through the blog notifications, I enjoyed my coffee and … Continue reading

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