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October Sixth; Fear the Spider, Laugh at the Fear

Spiders.Once upon a time, I would say that I was not terrified, but still afraid of spiders. I didn’t want to see them, I didn’t want them near me. I would, if no one else were available, find a way … Continue reading

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Day 246; Footnotes of Photogenic bugs and Stuff

Again due to unforeseen reasons I will be without my computer for a few days. I shall return though…until then.. be safe my friends.

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Day 195; Footnotes of Balancing It All Out.

Let it rain, let it rain. We’ve had a fairly steady rain falling for several hours now. It did upset the dogs when it was thundering but all that has passed over leaving that steady rain that was so desperately … Continue reading

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A Little Squirrel and Friends

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Snakes and Turtles and Bugs oh My!

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May Fifth; Physical Homes

I’m wondering about a spider’s intelligence level. It has built its home, spun its web, between the window and screen. This seems problematic for several reasons. First, with it being on the inside of the screen, only really tiny insects … Continue reading

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Day Ten; Footnotes on Lessons on Culture Learned

Sometimes you learn something that just makes you feel foolish…or worse. ┬áIn the middle of a conversation today we were discussing a multitude of topics as they popped up, interrelated or from totally out beyond left field. Still, everything just … Continue reading

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Day 286- Closing Credits

Another rainy day, a gift that gave so very much. Even though I am currently not working, I have kept myself busy in many ways. Today though, while I rested physically, trapped inside thanks to the weather, I enjoyed hours … Continue reading

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