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And This is Why (Images contain a snake, the next a spider)

I do, admittedly too much, scrolling through social media here lately. In its many incantations, social media holds too much potential for hidden or not so hidden, issues. To be safe emotionally and physically means taking great care in how … Continue reading

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Has Life Become a Popularity Contest? Thoughts on the Almighty Like Button

¬†Somewhere along the road of going through my email in box, I ended up reading an article about the almighty “like” button. Some sites have a rate this article button. And of course the more likes, the more popular you … Continue reading

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¬†¬† I………am……….angry. I am very angry and upset. I just spent three hours working in my yard partly trying to work off some of the anger I am feeling. I simply cannot comprehend the thought process of some people- if … Continue reading

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