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Day 208 Footnotes Photos..Snake Shots

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Day 121; Footnotes Photos (warning, snake photo)

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Day one; Footnotes Vignettes of the Day, Prayers For the Night

And so it has begun. This first day of the new year is working its way toward being over. It has not been boring, though it did not go as I had hoped and planned. But then, it is those … Continue reading

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Day 98: Footnotes of I’m Tougher Than I Look

Maybe, but that doesn’t stop sore muscles. Not long after I got back home with Bella from hiking the mountain (Crowder’s Mountain State Park) I was sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee and letting Bella rest from the exertion. … Continue reading

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Considering Laughter (part two)

Would have-should have, been the prefect April Fool’s jokes, but wasn’t. First: Years ago I was among a select few who were writing editorial type columns for a local paper. I felt a celebrity of sorts but that’s not part … Continue reading

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Day Ten; Footnotes on Lessons on Culture Learned

Sometimes you learn something that just makes you feel foolish…or worse.  In the middle of a conversation today we were discussing a multitude of topics as they popped up, interrelated or from totally out beyond left field. Still, everything just … Continue reading

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Day 317; Footnotes of Into the Woods After the Rain

 The rain was coming down so hard this morning that it woke me from a deep sleep. Listening to the pounding on the roof I wanted to slide down further under the cover and drift back off to sleep. Instead … Continue reading

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