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Day Thirty-four; Footnotes of Be Bold

And so it begins…again. Over two years ago I had this brilliant idea. It was meant to be a reminder to myself but if it also inspired others so much the better. Someone had told me to be bold. That … Continue reading

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Day 275 Footnotes Show and Shine in Brief

How in the world, can I find the words to describe today? Are there words that can even come close to adequately express how today went? My mother called early because she knew I was going today. She did not … Continue reading

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September Seventh; Looking Back-Day Two of Darlington and Schmoozing With Drivers

Sleeping in a box in a box. Saturday morning of our camping adventure I awoke realizing the most horrible of things. I had instant coffee, I usually drink brewed but instant is easier in the camper. I had cream, we … Continue reading

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Day Forty-three- Footnotes of a Weird, Annoying, Learning Day

There are those moments when I’m glad my son doesn’t listen to me. Today held one of those.  If you read my prior post about doing it for love, you know I went and picked up my son from work … Continue reading

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