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February Second; Seeking Truth and Life.

This morning when I stepped outside to feed the cats I spooked something that was at the edge of my yard. I’m thinking it was a deer from the sounds it made tearing off down through the woods. There is … Continue reading

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August Third of 2021; If I Could Ask For a Gift..

Seeds. But not flower or vegetable, but ones that perform in a similar fashion. They bring beauty, and they feed. I’m sitting here this morning, listening to the falling rain and looking at the several packets of seeds on the … Continue reading

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Day 106; Footnotes of What Does Your Garden Grow?

I’m not a happy gardener. I had planted cucumbers the other day…I really, really love fresh garden cucumbers…I mean, really. But, when I went down to the garden today, the ones I had planted, had all died. They had looked … Continue reading

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March Twenty-ninth; What are we Sowing?

 I have spent nearly four hours and gone through a pot of coffee strolling through and enjoying so many great blog posts. I have to say, y’all are incredible! I wonder, how many realize the seeds we sow, as we … Continue reading

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November Twenty-eighth; What Small Thing Happened Today, For Which I am Thankful? Seeds.

Oh wait, did I give it away? Maybe. Maybe not.  We all know the purpose of a seed. You plant in in soil, whether in a planter or directly in the ground and something grows. Whether it is vegetables, flowers, … Continue reading

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