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Never Misplaced

I’ve managed to do it yet again. I’ve put something away, you know, for safe keeping, and now can’t find the thing. The thing I have misplaced is the changer for my dog’s training collars. Where it should be, it … Continue reading

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February Twenty-first; Thoughts on Dealing With Grief and its Relative, Depression

“Like sand through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.” For some, a well remembered line from a soap opera. Grief, flows like the tide. At its worst, flowing in and covering all that would seem happy. … Continue reading

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January Thirtieth; We Are, What we Consume

I had planned on attending church today.I need to get back in there before I lose my favorite place to sit.  However I woke up with my allergies acting up and no daytime medicine handy. I figured me sitting there … Continue reading

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Day 204; Footnotes of Trust and Obey

I feel bad. Apparently I have either lost a chunk of money, or I have put it in a safe place that is even safe from me. A couple of weeks ago I put some money in my purse to … Continue reading

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