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Day330; Footnotes of (Back) Up On the Rooftop, Don’t Fall Off

So much for total avoidance. I was sitting here making a mental list of all the things I thought I would do today. I wanted to finish decorating the inside of the house and get the lights up outside. That … Continue reading

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Day 311; Footnotes of Perspective

This morning the wind was blowing. I sat here and watched the trees swaying and leaves falling. I also laughed when leaves were blown off the top of the house, falling to where the outside cats stood. The sudden onslaught … Continue reading

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May Fourteenth; Up On The Rooftop

At certain times of the year, you will find me on the roof of my house. Which is an amazing feat because I have / had, a serious fear of heights. I read somewhere along the lines that to conquer … Continue reading

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Day 314; Footnotes of Let There Be Lights

  Well that took a while. The other day my son, Mr. Let Every Holiday have its day, told me that maybe I should go ahead and decorate for Christmas. A little cheering up might do us some good.  I … Continue reading

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November Seventh- Do I Dare?

I’m sitting here in the early morning sunlight with a ladder propped up against the side of the house. Why? Because I am debating going ahead and putting up my Christmas lights. Why? Its 2020, and we all need a … Continue reading

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