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Day Twenty-five; Footnotes of When Its Okay

The adventure called spending the day with mom. I needed a few things. My list was short. I called mom and she wanted to ride along. She didn’t need much, until she told dad she was going then her list … Continue reading

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Day 257; Footnotes of Crash, Bang, Duck

If I were a cat. I would have lost about three in the very least two, of my nine lives today.  I heard the crash, I went running and thankfully no one was hurt. Shook up, shaking, upset, but not … Continue reading

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Day 146; Footnotes of Look at Me, I fixed it.

 Well, technically, you might call it rigged, but it worked. And I figured it out. I decided right around noon today that I was going to do some mowing, with my push mower.  That narrow section of my yard, the … Continue reading

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The Memorable Memorial Day.. part two

Before I begin this second installment- a reminder-, a disclaimer: I would in no way seek to embarrass or ridicule my husband. My writing this is a way of explaining why it is that from time to time I ask … Continue reading

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