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July Seventeenth; What creates my Biggest Moments of Dissatisfaction (Yellow alert for possible mild ranting)

 Yesterday I wrote about the things that bring me satisfaction. All day thoughts  bothered me, what of the opposite? What things in this life, leave me dissatisfied?  I would imagine that for those with heart and conscious, the causes of … Continue reading

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March Eighteenth; Societal Changes Brought About

More rain. Its obvious that it has been raining a while because the food dishes for the feral cats were full of water. On the good side, I have only had to refill their water dish twice since I put … Continue reading

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There’s No Place for That Here

  There’s no place for that here.   Where I work there is a good diversity of people. From the various nationalities, ages and more we are quite the mixed bunch. Being so different, there are always going to be … Continue reading

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