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February Twenty-third; If Only

Some people..not all, but some people.. How is it, we are still dealing with so much hurtfulness? Why, do we deliberately strike out in ways to cause pain to others? Not everyone, but so many do this. Seeking ways to … Continue reading

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July Seventeenth; What creates my Biggest Moments of Dissatisfaction (Yellow alert for possible mild ranting)

 Yesterday I wrote about the things that bring me satisfaction. All day thoughts  bothered me, what of the opposite? What things in this life, leave me dissatisfied?  I would imagine that for those with heart and conscious, the causes of … Continue reading

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March Eighteenth; Societal Changes Brought About

More rain. Its obvious that it has been raining a while because the food dishes for the feral cats were full of water. On the good side, I have only had to refill their water dish twice since I put … Continue reading

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There’s No Place for That Here

  There’s no place for that here.   Where I work there is a good diversity of people. From the various nationalities, ages and more we are quite the mixed bunch. Being so different, there are always going to be … Continue reading

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