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October First, Another Day, Questions Without Answers

 Another day, another month. Here we sit, October has arrived. The tenth month of the year. Some may wonder, how did we get here so quickly? Others may be asking, what has taken so long? And yet, here we are… … Continue reading

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September Twentieth; If

Sadness I’m sitting here, working on yet another cup of coffee while watching the sun playing a game of peek-a-boo through the overcast skies. The trees are dancing in the winds of a potential storm. Its nearing the end of … Continue reading

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My Heart Is Weeping

My heart weeps. I am sitting here, my world is as usual. Outside, the last of the day’s light is fading, the crickets and night birds are singing their night symphony. The not so stray cats are doing their alterations … Continue reading

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Question for Those Who Know

If I upgrade to a paid plan…what does that involve? What will I have to do? Will I have to set anything up? Make any changes? Or will it still look and function as it does now? I really don’t … Continue reading

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A Reoccurring Consideration

I have questions, I am hoping that those with experience will offer up their thoughts. Every time I get the notification that WordPress is having its half off weekend, I consider upgrading to a paid site. Yet, I hesitate. I … Continue reading

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Day 143; Footnotes of How High are Your Hurdles?

Finally feeling better, and just in time.  My sweet Bella has a place on her hip that is giving her problems. Her skin is raw where she has either chewed the fur away or was injured somehow.  You could tell … Continue reading

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Thoughtful walking and Falling Down Rabbit Holes of Possibilities and Questions

Bella and I did go hike the mountain. On the way up, we didn’t pass many people. There was this one middle age couple where the man took one look at Bella and said, “That dog looks tired already” he … Continue reading

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Pondering, Thinking, Considering, Wondering. Questions Without Answers

 In the reading, you will see this was  written days ago. After writing it, I set it aside to let it simmer while I contemplated its contents. Life can be so strange and confusing at times. Do we allow the … Continue reading

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Day Nine, Footnotes of Lessons From Cancer

Earlier I mentioned lessons. Pondering on what we were being taught by the various things we endure. I wondered that thirteen years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  When my fiftieth birthday was approaching I was being bugged … Continue reading

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