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October Twenty-sixth; Faith over Fear

Faith over fear. Here  we are, days away from the holiday that is seeped in fear and spooky stuff and I’m repeating the above comment over and over on a mental loop. No, nothing has me overly afraid about Halloween. … Continue reading

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August Fourth (2021); If I Could Ask For A Gift

How can I say this, that won’t get me in trouble? Be aware…there are many possible trigger points within this write. Homelessness, addiction, abuse, suicidal, hunger, religion. I want, to be hungry. Not so much for physical food, though that … Continue reading

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June Sixteenth; Source of Calm

 At the moment, things are calm. Bella is stretched out on the floor inside and Molly is outside guarding the perimeter of her domain. At times barking, or grumbling like a discontent geriatric when the neighbor’s kids come out to … Continue reading

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April Eighth; Anger is a Wasted Emotion…or is it?

I’ve had people apologize for making me mad, to which I reply, I don’t get mad. Dogs go mad. Semantics, mad, angry, same yet different. People then exasperated will correct with, I’m sorry I made you ..angry. To which I … Continue reading

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March Twenty-eighth; Trust Has Many Forms

It was an odd, yet touching moment. Captured not by camera, but in the mind and heart. I was sitting here, in my usual place, doing my usual morning routine. I fed the feral cats early as they were waiting. … Continue reading

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Long Walks and Deep Thoughts

 I did go back to hike that mountain. Another beautiful day and all called to me and I couldn’t stay away. I noticed that I stopped less often on the way up, but my leg muscles are screaming. I wish … Continue reading

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Day Thirty-four; Footnotes of Choose a Chair

 I love to read. Books, magazines, blogs, comments (yes, blatant hint)., only I don’t always get to read as I would like. Because of busyness, rigid contacts that seriously need replacing, and according to a friend, the attention span of … Continue reading

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January Tenth; Reasons

There are always reasons and explanations. We did this because, we did that because. I started writing again because of several reasons. It gives me a way to express myself and what is going on with and around me. It gives … Continue reading

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Day 339; Footnotes of Day Four of Seeking the Reason for the Season

 Trapped at home today I wasn’t able to go out in the world to do any physical seeking. The sky wasn’t inviting, nor was the temperature. Even if my car wasn’t missing a tire, I don’t know that I would … Continue reading

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