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July Eighth; Memory Lane 2- I do Miss You My Love

 I vividly remember that day, sitting alone in the break room of the new job I had started. I hadn’t made any friends there yet, in the end, I never would. Except for you. I don’t know what you saw … Continue reading

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June Nineteenth; Which Unstoppable Force Would You Prefer?

I looked at the word prompt of the day and wondered, ‘what was I thinking?’. I’m guessing that when I first wrote the word I was thinking that would be something different and cool and a good challenge. But…juggernaut? Then, … Continue reading

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Worry Not

You got my attention. Yes, I have already written my morning blog using my prompt of the day. Once written and posted I started seeing what notifications had arrived to my email in box. Making my way down, I came … Continue reading

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