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February Eighth; When We Gather

Strength in numbers. Jeep strong, truckers strong, when we gather together under one accord, we show strength. We can do it rationally, calmly, respectfully, or not. Creating chaos may get attention, but it really won’t progress your cause. It will … Continue reading

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November Twentieth; Stop the Dominoes

First and foremost, I am not taking sides here. My intent is to look at this from a different perspective. I am tired. Not just physically, but emotionally and intellectually. There has been so much anger and celebrations. So much … Continue reading

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January Eighteenth; A New Togetherness, lighting candles

 My son and I had a few strong words yesterday. It wasn’t an argument by any means, but the conversation was more harsh than usual. Two adults living in the same house its bound to happen. Personalities differ and at … Continue reading

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Day 315; Footnotes on Divisiveness

 It has been no secret that some social media sites have been making people unhappy. Its disappointing, that something that was meant to bring people closer, is doing the opposite. Personally, I enjoy spending time on various social media sites.I have … Continue reading

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