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March Twenty-first; Being the Difference and Creating Change

I’m sitting here waiting on it to warm up some outside. I have a project to finish. Saturday I started the Spring  cleaning of my yard. Which I mentioned in an earlier write. I really want to try to finish … Continue reading

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Day Fourteen; Footnotes Important Things

My son doesn’t know. My mother needed to make a run to the grocery store for fruit for the incoming storm. Good daughter that I am, I took her over to the big box store. As we pulled in  the … Continue reading

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January Twenty-ninth; A New Ugly Word

  I am about to use an ugly word. Exercise. How cruel can one be? The other day it was diet, and today exercise. (So speaks the one sitting comfortably in their chair, drinking coffee, and watching the sun rise … Continue reading

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October Twenty-Fifth in the year of strange growth and learning

Today can go one of two ways, and it is up to me, as to which direction I allow. When one is empathic and feels deeply the energies around them, it can overwhelm them to the point that their own … Continue reading

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It takes more than talk

Who loves doing research? Who gets excited about the challenge of finding new, more detailed information on topics that are currently on your mind? Who seeks out those self help articles with the plan of doing something better? Thinking that … Continue reading

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