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Day 226; Footnotes of Barking Dogs and Suddenly Dark

Our poor mail carrier. I hope he’s okay. Let me explain. I knew a package was supposed to arrive today. When the mail carrier went down the dirt road, I was watching for their return. When the jeep stopped at … Continue reading

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Day 207; Footnotes of Hoarding

And….. dark. I’m sitting here, listening to hoarders on the television, when suddenly everything goes dark. I had wondered if we would lose electricity due to the storm and I go the answer. Thankfully it was a brief outage. Frustrating … Continue reading

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July Eighth; Memory Lane 1- Memories of Hugo

I woke to the sounds of rain. As I spoke with my mother moments ago she laughed when I told her that at some point last night I had wakened with the thought in my head that if it hadn’t … Continue reading

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Day 303- Footnotes of a, what the heck was that day

 Its raining again. It had stopped for a while, had even turned into a gorgeous day, but now, its raining.  Hard. Concerned because of how many leaves the earlier rain and winds knocked down, I went out to check the … Continue reading

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October Twenty-ninth; Zeta’s remains, wind and raining down everything from water to trees

 I heard it the moment I awoke. That undeniable sound of rain. A sound that would have been comforting and lulled me back to sleep but for one thing. The wind. I could hear the sound that haunts me in … Continue reading

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