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Day Fifteen; Footnotes What is All the Barking?

How many times will they change to forecast? How many different forecasts will be made? It seems as if the saying is very true at the moment. If you don’t like the forecast, change the channel, or wait five minutes, … Continue reading

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November Second; For the Pen

I avoid talking politics. I’m not ignorant of the political scene. I’m not uninformed about what is going on around us. But. As a general rule, I avoid talking politics unless it is proven that the conversation that ensues will … Continue reading

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Day 307- Footnotes of election eve…America, have you voted yet?

We are finally here, have you voted yet? Tomorrow is THE day. Election day. I’m so very glad. Not just because we will finally decide this, but for so much more. I’m weary of all of this.¬†For so long now … Continue reading

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Day 293- footnotes of a day of election introspection

Today, my son and I made the short journey to a local, early voting place and cast our vote. It was an interesting adventure filled with new experiences and memories of experiences past. We arrived around ten this morning and … Continue reading

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