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Day 168; Footnotes How Does Your Garden Grow, How Does Your Day Go?

I spent today just doing today. But today, made sure I didn’t get slack. I enjoyed my coffee. I enjoyed reading. I enjoyed watching the hummingbird as they visited the feeders outside my windows. I learned a much safer way … Continue reading

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Day 100; Footnotes of Getting It Done

 I’m sitting here listening to the rain falling outside. They- being the wise and wonderful- weather prognosticators, have warned us that we may be dealing with severe weather during the night. I hope not. Rain I can deal with. Tornado … Continue reading

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Day 88; Following the Topic

I’ve been fighting to stay awake. Mom’s call before six this morning waking me suddenly because of a car she thought was parked in front of our storage building-but wasn’t- meant I wasn’t going back to sleep. But it wasn’t … Continue reading

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November Sixth; For What in Nature, are You Thankful

Another item on the list that says, choose. Another day in which I am going to say, nope. There is just too much and too many to pick just one.  I may have mentioned, I live in a rural area. … Continue reading

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