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Day 80- page 80-Differences and Avoiding Confrontation

One of the most difficult things to do, is dealing with people. Lets face it, we’re very complex. We never know how the people around us are going to act at any given moment. There are times, when we may … Continue reading

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February Twenty-third; If Only

Some people..not all, but some people.. How is it, we are still dealing with so much hurtfulness? Why, do we deliberately strike out in ways to cause pain to others? Not everyone, but so many do this. Seeking ways to … Continue reading

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January First; Comparisons and Desires

And so… it begins. I did stay up last night to watch the ball drop in New York City. I even stayed sort of awake, to see the Nashville event. I didn’t quite make it as I dozed off, waking … Continue reading

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Day 146; Footnotes of Look at Me, I fixed it.

 Well, technically, you might call it rigged, but it worked. And I figured it out. I decided right around noon today that I was going to do some mowing, with my push mower.  That narrow section of my yard, the … Continue reading

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March Twenty-first; Considering Growth and Lack of Growth, in a lone wolf state of mind

 I’m sitting here alone, with my ever present cup of coffee, listening to the world come alive around me. The distant sound of conversation, the slamming of a car door and revving engine. My dogs outside, barking at any cat … Continue reading

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February Eighteenth; Considering Disposition

By now I guess many of us know that yesterday, Rush Limbaugh died. Social media from what I have seen, has exploded over his death. Most of what I have seen has been a celebration of his death. I also … Continue reading

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Different is as Different Does

a blurred photo of me and part of my family   I was writing about being different yesterday, in a somewhat vague sort of way.  I thought about that today while I was working and felt that maybe I ought … Continue reading

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