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October Twelfth; In This Month of Fear, I Fear

Forgetting. Not healing, because I know I have come a long way since the following happened. I have grown, I have move beyond the past and the injuries of that time. I am stronger, bigger, better than I was then. … Continue reading

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March Twenty-second; Every Moment, Becomes a Memory

 I’m sitting here, with my ever present cup of coffee, watching through the window, a cat watch me. The sun is well up, I’ve caught up momentarily on my blog reading and am now preparing to work on mine. I … Continue reading

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March Twentieth; And the Word of the day, Renew(ing) the Spirit and Memories

 I think, therefore I shall. I believe that today would be a good day to renew the spirit through a walk down memory lane. It is the first official day of Spring after all, what better day than this?  The sun … Continue reading

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Day 74; Footnotes of Differences

 Taking the dogs to the vet today was almost funny. Bella sat there staring out the window with the “This isn’t the way to the mountain” expression while Molly cried almost all the way there. Nothing we tried calmed her … Continue reading

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