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Day Forty-six; Footnotes Considering Shifting Plans

I made a mistake, I had a plan. My mother called me just before lunch today. Her first question was to ask me what I was doing this afternoon. “I don’t know, why?” My plan of doing some much needed … Continue reading

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February Tenth; I Just Lied to My Mother

It was a lie of omission, but still an untruth. The other day I finally got around to making the appointment to get my taxes done. Being that math and I do not get along at all, I avoid it … Continue reading

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February Sixth; Thoughts on the Amber Alert

The sounds blaring in the dark ripped me from a moment of my intermittent sleep. Realizing what the sound was I reached for the phone resting on the bedside table. Through sleepy, no contacts eyes, I made out the fuzzy … Continue reading

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Day 351; Footnotes of Christmas wishes

 My Christmas tree has been up for weeks. There are no gifts under it, and there won’t be. That’s okay. Because Christmas, doesn’t come from a store. Christmas, is definitely, a whole lot more.  I have Christmas all year in … Continue reading

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