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October Ninth; Fear the Fear

I’m watching the sun playing peek-a-boo in and out of the clouds while the trees sway in some slow dance with the winds. Once all the clouds have cleared the rest of the day is supposed to be nice. At … Continue reading

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September Twenty-sixth; Seeking Discernment and Truth

Seasonal. Allergy season. And I wasn’t prepared. I went absolutely nowhere yesterday, the only time I went outside was to check the mail. That in itself was odd. I watched the mail jeep pull up to my mailbox, stop and … Continue reading

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June Nineteenth; Which Unstoppable Force Would You Prefer?

I looked at the word prompt of the day and wondered, ‘what was I thinking?’. I’m guessing that when I first wrote the word I was thinking that would be something different and cool and a good challenge. But…juggernaut? Then, … Continue reading

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Day 167; Footnotes of Calming The Storms

I was actually concerned over going out today. My allergies are showing out big time and that, I feared was going to be a potential problem. However, I needed groceries. The big box store might deliver way out here, but … Continue reading

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June fifteenth; Grateful, Peaceful, Content

I lost my job due to the pandemic….and I am grateful. Did I hear a few gasps? A few surprised “What? Why?” Let me explain. When I was working, we were at times going through periods of ten hour or … Continue reading

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March Twenty-seventh; If I Had Only Known the Change That Was Coming

 Today is an anniversary of sorts. This time last year, I was working my last day as an employee for a company I had given over thirty- four years of my life. I was four months shy of a thirty … Continue reading

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March Eighteenth; Societal Changes Brought About

More rain. Its obvious that it has been raining a while because the food dishes for the feral cats were full of water. On the good side, I have only had to refill their water dish twice since I put … Continue reading

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January Thirty-first; Footnotes for Looking Forward

 Last day of the first month of a not as new, year. Where are we headed? As a society.  We have battled and are battling a pandemic. Something that has turned the entire world upside down. The year that shall … Continue reading

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Taking my folks for the Vaccine. Process, amazing

I just returned from taking my parents to get the Covid Vaccine. Admittedly I am still concerned over this thing, but not so much that I refused to be chauffeur. Their doctor said do it, and so they did. Along … Continue reading

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Sadness in the Learning

Broken. In the process of writing one post, I found out information about an event that happened here recently. For those who do not know, I live on a one lane, dead end, dirt road. I grew up here. I … Continue reading

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