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April Second; A Lesson in There Somewhere

Neighbors. Life really changes as time passes, in so many ways. When my brothers and I were kids growing up on this road there were four families here. Us, my grandparents, an older couple with a bull dog and a … Continue reading

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Day 281; Footnotes and Photos

Soggy. That was today. Currently I am sitting here with some odd program on television and wondering if the drummer across the road is going to start up again. It is currently eleven at night, I can hear his thumping … Continue reading

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Day 152; Footnotes of Who Let Those Dogs Out? And What Do I Do?

I really need to figure this out. I’m really trying to get along with my neighbors. I’m ignoring a lot of stuff that truth be told is annoying, but I’m far enough away that its a mild annoyance. Some of … Continue reading

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Day 130; Footnotes of Do I Need a Map To Follow This Day?

First off- note to local people here in North Carolina and those along the route of the affected pipeline. Calm down. You are creating a shortage we wouldn’t have if you would not rush to the pumps and ill up … Continue reading

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Day 127; Footnotes of Rambling On

The furthest I went outside today, was to move my car into the carport. The way the wind was blowing I feared things falling. Limbs, squirrel, space junk. I debated on going hiking, but I was cold. I’m still cold. … Continue reading

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May First; Home Sweet Home Sweet Home Sweet…

 I think it may have been desperation that has lead to my list. I sat here last night staring at my calendar, blank of prompts. Empty, nothing, Nada. That wasn’t good. So, I decided to write down things dealing with … Continue reading

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Day Fifty-one; Footnotes of a Day of Honest Emotions

  It looks as if the neighbors are having a party tonight. Or maybe its just a jam session.  I have heard some drum playing off and on today. I have the main door closed against the cold and the … Continue reading

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November Twenty-ninth; For What Friend or Family Member am I Thankful?

 This, could take a while.If I am fully honest, there is no possible way to narrow this down to one individual. I also know, that it is important to be considerate of the privacy of individuals. So I won’t mention … Continue reading

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