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July Thirty-first; Priorities

 How in the world, have we already reached the last day of July? What happened to time that has made it pass so quickly? And yet, so very slowly at the same time? I had planned on attending an event … Continue reading

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July Twenty-eighth; A Special Relationship

  “In a relationship” but I’m not, yet I am. Wait…what? We’ve all seen the status posts on social media sites where someone you know has entered into a relationship with someone else. Whether it is dating or engaged or … Continue reading

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January Twenty-eighth; Footnotes of Determination

  They say that every storm has a silver lining. That out of everything bad, comes something good. A lot, depends on our attitude and mindset. I’m finding that to be true, even with the storm of the year, that … Continue reading

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December Eighteenth; If I Could Give a Gift

I’m sitting here, in my usual spot with my second cup of coffee near by. The bright morning sun is flooding in my windows with a near blinding intensity. From the front porch I can hear the occasional music from … Continue reading

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Day 296–Footnotes of a Confused Season

I’m having a love – hate relationship with this time of year. While I know many are ready for cooler temperatures to get here and stay, I’m content with the warmth. What is frustrating is that it follows the saying, … Continue reading

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