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January Thirtieth; We Are, What we Consume

I had planned on attending church today.I need to get back in there before I lose my favorite place to sit.  However I woke up with my allergies acting up and no daytime medicine handy. I figured me sitting there … Continue reading

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May Twentieth; What Flows From Your Well?

Many years ago we suffered through an extreme drought in this area. Because of it many wells, including ours, went dry. We got in line to have a new well bored and thankfully they hit water on the first try. … Continue reading

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May Eighteenth; What’s in Your Storage Building?

Over to one side of the yard, is our  storage building. Dad had it built when he and mom still lived in this house. His intentions were to open a bait and tackle shop, instead it stored his boat. Buying … Continue reading

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January Thirteenth; A New Heart

 Once upon a broken relationship, I was told I was heartless. A lifetime ago, I was told I couldn’t handle a job I had been promoted to because I was too soft hearted. When I lost my husband and couldn’t … Continue reading

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November Sixteenth; What About Your Body is Your Favorite?

Well now, let’s see, how does one respond to that topic in a manner that does not at least sound somewhat conceited?  If you’ve been reading along, you know that I am working from a list created by an unknown … Continue reading

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