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November Eighteenth; Thankful for a Voice

Concerning memories and emotions. I’ve been over on the other blog site, taking a walk down memory lane. (http://rebeccasrevels.blogspot.com/2017/04/) My posts there were more open then, more emotional. I need to find a way to return to expressing those emotions … Continue reading

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July Eighth; Memory Lane 2- I do Miss You My Love

 I vividly remember that day, sitting alone in the break room of the new job I had started. I hadn’t made any friends there yet, in the end, I never would. Except for you. I don’t know what you saw … Continue reading

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Day 177; Footnotes of Drowning in Memories

  We once again have a leak in the bathtub faucet. For some reason, the hot water knob just wants to be an issues ever so often. My son will work on that for me while he is on his … Continue reading

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May Eighth; Walk Way Back

I was sitting here, scrolling through the shares of others, mentally working on  my morning write when my mother called. It is a usual routine now for her to call around 8:30 every morning. As she talked, I did listen, … Continue reading

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