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Simple Pleasures

I always dread cooking for family, or well, others. I’m a decent good, but I put so much pressure on myself trying to be perfect that I usually mess up. Sometimes badly. This year there was added pressure due to … Continue reading

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November Twenty-fifth Plans and Recipe For a Good Day

A moment of lucidity. I’ve been battling sleep and being sleepy all afternoon. One moment I’m watching a movie on television and the next I’m watching as the credits scroll up the screen. Currently The Wizard of Oz is finishing … Continue reading

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August Twenty-ninth; Not One Single Meal

Not one single meal. One thing about where we were camping, we had plenty of options available for meals. That being the case, I cooked not one single meal. Even though my son’s camper has a sink, stove, microwave and … Continue reading

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November Twenty-third; For Which Tradition are You Thankful?

Why is this one so difficult? All month I have discussed various things for which I am thankful, but this one is not coming easy. I’ll blame it on the year, because this crazy, messed up year is really taking … Continue reading

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