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It Would Have, Should Have Been

Would have been, should have been thirty-eight years. Instead you were called to your heavenly home. Days like today, I miss you terribly, but I would not ask you to come back. I know where you are now, you are … Continue reading

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July Eighth; Memory Lane 2- I do Miss You My Love

 I vividly remember that day, sitting alone in the break room of the new job I had started. I hadn’t made any friends there yet, in the end, I never would. Except for you. I don’t know what you saw … Continue reading

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March Twenty-second; Every Moment, Becomes a Memory

 I’m sitting here, with my ever present cup of coffee, watching through the window, a cat watch me. The sun is well up, I’ve caught up momentarily on my blog reading and am now preparing to work on mine. I … Continue reading

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Day 330; Footnotes of Honoring and Remembrance

 Its been a year, how could it have already been a year?  I remember exactly where I was, and what I was doing when I looked up and saw my son standing there with this incredibly sad expression. I knew, … Continue reading

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