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January Thirty One; Footnotes; Yes, You Can

I’ve sat here scrolling through social media and seeing ads for the same thing over and over. Algorithms maybe, or maybe not. I was told almost two years ago now that I needed to write a book. They felt that … Continue reading

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Day 219; Footnotes of When All Good Plans Fall Through

Well that didn’t work as hoped. It didn’t surprise me, but I still wished it had worked out in my favor. A couple of weeks ago I saw an ad for a mobile mammogram that was going to be at … Continue reading

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Day 216; Footnotes of It Is Time.

I was sleeping so well. I wasn’t dreaming, just one of those deep, blissful sleeps. Suddenly and abruptly at some point after five in the morning, I was awakened by this horrible noise coming from my phone. I’m struggling to … Continue reading

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A Very Nice Surprise

 What now seems like a life time ago, I self published three books. In my ignorance of the mechanics of self publishing, they did not do as well as my hopes and dreams desired. Because of that, and a few … Continue reading

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Day302- Footnotes of Progress and Warnings…in the Writer’s Zone

   Yep, it is definitely Autumn. It was raining when I threw the covers back on the bed this morning, and as of this writing at nearing 10p.m. the rain still falls. Zeta, is moving and bringing problems. I’ve listened … Continue reading

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Day 298- Footnotes of a day of finally beginning

Have you ever had someone ask you when you were going to do something? Have you had them encourage you, even when you doubted your own abilities? For months now, there has been a friend’s strong voice encouraging me to … Continue reading

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