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The windows are open and I’m enjoying the breeze and the sound of the falling rain. That gentle, slow rain that is the best for growing things and soothing the soul. Soon I will get up from here and go … Continue reading

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Does God Still Speak?

She said what? I was mindlessly scrolling along social media when a comment I saw brought it all to a screeching halt. I sat here staring at the post and the comment that was made.I wondered, without asking, what made … Continue reading

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Day 131; Footnotes of What Part of I Don’t, Do You Not Understand?

 I am not an angel, I have made my mistakes. Thing is, I also learned from those mistakes. When I say, I don’t…trust me, I don’t. So, yes. The following is a bit of a rant that may sound a … Continue reading

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You’re on Candid Camera

Today could have gone very different. It could have, but didn’t. It didn’t, because life has taught me a valuable lesson.  I was awakened around three this morning by the sound of the rain hitting the windows. There had to … Continue reading

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