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I Know My Worth

Damn that voice in my head. I’m struggling right now. I was fine, somewhat, earlier in the day. I went to have a bone density test done, and that went well. I guess. Even though the jeans I wore had … Continue reading

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February Tenth; I Just Lied to My Mother

It was a lie of omission, but still an untruth. The other day I finally got around to making the appointment to get my taxes done. Being that math and I do not get along at all, I avoid it … Continue reading

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Day 166; Footnotes of an Avalanche of Wrongs

Allergies. I don’t want to complain because it isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever dealt with, but it is frustrating. The day time medicine is helping some, but I still feel as if I’m drowning. It isn’t supposed to make … Continue reading

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