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Childhood Cancer Awareness and a Benefit to Help Fight This Enemy

I…am an adult cancer survivor. I went into battle when I was fifty years old. I faced my opponent of breast cancer and won. A lumpectomy, radiation treatments and three years of medication and I walked away. I….walked…away. Within months … Continue reading

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Day 134; Footnotes of Missing (out)

 Tomorrow, May 15th, the Jeep group that I am part of will be participating on what is a rather large event. National Go Topless day, the jeeps will be topless. Since the top will not come off my Compass, I … Continue reading

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Reasons Why I Participate In Relay For Life

 And have for the last thirteen years. I went for a physical not long after my fiftieth birthday. During that visit, the doctor told me that he thought it time for me to have a mammogram. Before that he had … Continue reading

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Day 330; Footnotes of Honoring and Remembrance

 Its been a year, how could it have already been a year?  I remember exactly where I was, and what I was doing when I looked up and saw my son standing there with this incredibly sad expression. I knew, … Continue reading

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