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October Fourth; Don’t Fear the Leash

Fear month. I was scrolling through social media while waiting on mom’s call. I came across a thread that I did not add my comments to because they were already stirred up and  calling each other names. Over a hundred … Continue reading

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Day 179; Footnotes of “So Now I’m The Bad Guy”

Well, maybe in their eyes, but enough was enough was too much. I did something today that I have been trying so hard not to have to do. I called our local animal control over the problems I’ve been dealing … Continue reading

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Day 178; Footnotes of I Lost My Happy Thought

Where oh where did that serene feeling go? I had a long rant written about something that happened here today. Twice. Then I thought better of sharing that. To share that might make me feel better for a moment, but … Continue reading

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