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Realizations of The Gift That Matters

It’s just stuff. Here we are mere days away from Christmas and there is nothing under the tree in my living room. When Christmas morning arrives, there will be on gift. The one I have for my son. A nothing … Continue reading

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December Twenty-seventh, Inner Thoughts and Gifts as The Year Wanes

There is a reason we are warned not to envy others. There are reasons we are told not to compare our self with others. And yet…so many of us do that very thing. As I have said before, I speak … Continue reading

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April Seventh; Considering Jealousy

Even as I sit here, enjoying my morning, enjoying this gift of time, if I were to be honest, I am slightly jealous. Depending on the subject determines the levels of jealousy. Even as I know, this is a wasted … Continue reading

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