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Eyes Wide Opened

One thing about growth, it is more than simply a physical thing. Well, duh, right? Here is the thing, in my humble opinion now, sometimes, you know things on the surface, but they don’t always fully sink in. Your eyes … Continue reading

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November Sixteenth; Thankfulness is Wrapped Within

Dreams Someone told me once they no longer dreamed. I found that very sad. I wanted to argue but it was pretty well pointless with them. It was how they felt, they no longer held dreams about a future anything.My … Continue reading

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October Twenty-fourth If Only…Yes..But

I was sitting here watching this morning’s church service online. As I listened, I watched the sunlight playing through the leaves of the trees out back. Occasionally leaves would spiral downward to the waiting ground. The not so stray cats, … Continue reading

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September Thirteenth; One More

One more….I watched a movie on Youtube that I had kept seeing previews for on social media. I remember seeing them back when the movie first came out and was curious then, but had not seen it until now. The … Continue reading

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May Twenty-sixth; Clearing the Clutter

┬áThis room, was at one time a disaster. I have photo proof. Not that I am proud of the mess, but it shows how far one can come. For a long time, this room was used for two purposes. My … Continue reading

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February Twenty-seventh; What’s to Like?

Here I sit once again. My house empty but for me and the cat that has gone into hiding now that she has been fed. In my state of retirement, I lose track of the days, they all seem so … Continue reading

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Finished Reading the First Book of the Year What a book to start with.

What can I say but, wow? I have mentioned a couple times now I was reading Dr. David Jeremiah’s book; Forward Discovering God’s Presence and Purpose in Your Tomorrow. I just moments ago turned the final page and closed the … Continue reading

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