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September Twenty-second; Ingredients For Better

Welcome Autumn, I guess. The day is overcast, the temperature comfortable. Earlier in the day, my dogs were acting edgy, like there was something I needed to check on. When I went to the door I looked the way they … Continue reading

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May Twenty-fourth; How Does Your Stove Top Appear?

Not long ago, I had this wonderful old kitchen stove. It had belonged to my grandfather and was huge. It had side by side ovens with a large counter type space on top beside the burners. This stove was closing … Continue reading

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May Thirteenth; What is The State of Your Kitchen?

I missed a word yesterday. I meant to go back to it, but then the issues with my son trying to get gas sidelined me again. That one did, I will be upfront and honestly admit, to sending me into … Continue reading

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The Creating of a Health Fanatic..step one..getting back to one’s roots

I’m not a health fanatic–but I’m becoming one. ¬†Years ago because of my dad’s health, my mother began cooking with less salt and more alternative seasonings. Because of that I don’t use a lot nor do I need a lot … Continue reading

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