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February Sixth; Thoughts on the Amber Alert

The sounds blaring in the dark ripped me from a moment of my intermittent sleep. Realizing what the sound was I reached for the phone resting on the bedside table. Through sleepy, no contacts eyes, I made out the fuzzy … Continue reading

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March Twenty-fifth; Muddy Puddles

 The sky is not pretty this morning. I’m looking out the window while waiting on mom to call, and wondering what I will get done today. Will I continue with yard work, or go hike the mountain? ? In all … Continue reading

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February Twenty-first; Detouring Down the Rabbit Hole

Personally, I enjoy those trips down the rabbit hole but. This morning I read a blog about an editorial write in a big deal newspaper. The title was “Don’t fall Down the Rabbit Hole” and yes, it was  about research. … Continue reading

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January Twelfth, Resources Needed, Available, Used.

The world outside my window is once again shrouded in fog. The mist heavy enough to be falling like gentle rain. The sky though, is not that thick, solid grey, it is broken in spots and touched with puffs of … Continue reading

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Day 286- Closing Credits

Another rainy day, a gift that gave so very much. Even though I am currently not working, I have kept myself busy in many ways. Today though, while I rested physically, trapped inside thanks to the weather, I enjoyed hours … Continue reading

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