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What we have here…

You know how you shake a bag of microwave popcorn to try to get the kernels that did not pop to either pop or fall to the bottom? Or if you stir the water of a puddle and the water … Continue reading

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January Twentieth; A Totally Different World

“What are you going to do today?”  Nearly every time I hear that question it doesn’t matter what I was going to do, those plans were just changed. Today mom and I will be returning to the big box store … Continue reading

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Day 154; Footnotes of Do You Believe in Magic?

Magic… the real, and the imagined..or is it? Magic Bullet blender.. Years ago I ran across a sale and bought two. One for my now late husband to take with him on his truck in the hopes it would help … Continue reading

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January Eighth: A New Song

Music soothes the savage beast, so they say. The beast this time has become, desperately needs music. Our heart, holds its own songs within. Songs that are special to each of us individually in ways only we understand. The memories … Continue reading

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