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Lessons Learned From Nursery Duty

Yesterday, Sunday April twenty-fourth, I was blessed with the opportunity and gift of spending time in the nursery with the two and three year old kids. Those kids are amazing and will definitely remind you how to be young. As … Continue reading

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December Twenty-sixth; Three Year Olds Can Be Brutally Honest

The three year old boy asked me, “What color are your eyes?” “Green, why?” “I don’t like them.” “You don’t like the color of my eyes? Why?” “I like my mommy’s eyes.” “That’s good. What color is your mommy’s eyes?” … Continue reading

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Not Just Another Blogophilia Write; On a Cold Dark Night

What is Blogophilia? Only one of the most fun and interesting writing challenges between Earth and Mars. Check it out here:https://marvgrn08.wordpress.com/weekly-challenges/ The Secret of Dreams; part sevenOn a Cold Dark Night  Shaking off the sight of a tiny person, riding … Continue reading

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Mindful at Midnight

Once again I’m sitting here as the clock nears midnight. I was yawning heavily earlier but now, after having cleaned the kitchen sleep is elusive. Why is it that here lately my mind goes into hyper drive at late hours? … Continue reading

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January Sixth; A New Dream(1)

 I’m sitting here, enjoying my coffee and the bright glare of sunlight shining in the windows. While awaiting the arrival of inspiration, I’m watching the large puffs of smoke from the wood stove. Entranced as they drift downward and then … Continue reading

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Day 351; Footnotes of Christmas wishes

 My Christmas tree has been up for weeks. There are no gifts under it, and there won’t be. That’s okay. Because Christmas, doesn’t come from a store. Christmas, is definitely, a whole lot more.  I have Christmas all year in … Continue reading

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More than a Blogophilia Write, A visit to a child’s world

The writer’s challenge this week is writer’s choice. How about that for a reason to go ahead and write about this morning’s grand adventure with the kids in the nursery. I didn’t really need an excuse, I was bursting at … Continue reading

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October Seventh in the year 2020

Good morning all, for morning it is here. From time to time, I remember that these words are being placed on page to be read in so many different times that are yet the same. The international date line creating … Continue reading

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