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July Twenty-second; Wander All You Want, The Paths Lead Home

Have I mentioned, I don’t like going to the dentist? And of course today is the day they are going to do the extraction. Which is making concentration a bit difficult. Especially since I am going alone. However, this writing … Continue reading

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July Eighth; Memory Lane 2- I do Miss You My Love

 I vividly remember that day, sitting alone in the break room of the new job I had started. I hadn’t made any friends there yet, in the end, I never would. Except for you. I don’t know what you saw … Continue reading

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June Sixth; Would Have Been

He Would have been sixty-eight today. He would have been well into his retirement and annoying the hound out of me.Instead, he is celebrating that birthday in Heaven. What I have, are memories and the thoughts of what could have … Continue reading

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