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December Thirty-first The Year I Said See You Later

The following was in my memories over on Facebook, it was written at the end of 2017, the year I lost my husband. The year everything I knew, was ripped apart. Everything was changed, rearranged and put in a new … Continue reading

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December First; Earning The Gift of Trust and Being Trusted

The month of gifts and giving and I know, I have been given something precious. Trust Many months ago, three feral cats showed up on my back steps. One moment my back steps are empty, the next there are young … Continue reading

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May Fifteenth; The Armed Forces We Build

I’m sitting here watching one of the not so stray cats stare at me through the window. I wonder what they are thinking when they do that. I can be sitting here like now, enjoying my coffee, scrolling down through … Continue reading

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Day 126; Footnotes of Can you Hear That??

Can you feel that? How can you not? How can you not feel the cries of the suffering? I sit here, sheltered in a rural area, away from the issues of cities or even the smaller towns. The woods that … Continue reading

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Mind and Heart

I’m struggling here. There, I said it, I’m struggling.  I’m in the middle of writing my daily share and my mind continuously wanders off down this path my heart keeps following. I find myself staring out the window, watching the … Continue reading

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Day349; Footnotes of Seeking the Reason for the Season

I didn’t go anywhere today. The furthest I went outside my house was to call the dog back inside the gate. How do I seek anything when I went nowhere? How do I seek joy, when there is so much … Continue reading

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