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Day 325: Footnotes of Sometimes, Santa Drives a Jeep

When I bought my Jeep Compass, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but what an adventure it has become. I’ll be honest, and you’ll know that I am when I say that if I had my … Continue reading

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September Twenty-ninth Moving Beyond and Through A Jaded Heart To One of Kindness and Compassion

We become desensitized. I recall as a child, seeing the commercials on television for the starving children. I saw the commercials for the animals being mistreated. The commercials did to a child’s heart what they intended. Other kids were hungry … Continue reading

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November Twenty-sixth; For What Form of Expression am I Thankful?

 I started to work on this earlier this morning, but preparations for Thanksgiving got in the way. Trying to cook and make sure things were set up so that we could gather safely took precedence. Now, after everything is said … Continue reading

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Day 315; Footnotes on Divisiveness

¬†It has been no secret that some social media sites have been making people unhappy. Its disappointing, that something that was meant to bring people closer, is doing the opposite.¬†Personally, I enjoy spending time on various social media sites.I have … Continue reading

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October Ninth in the year of Disappointments, What’s one more?

Good morning all- the sky outside my windows various shades of grey, warning of the rain to come. The woods behind my house not the deep greens of summer but definitely showing signs of Autumn as the leaves lighten and … Continue reading

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