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Day 186; Footnotes of When a Busy Day Winds Down to Calm, I Know I am Blessed

What a difference. Last night at this time I was driving through areas that sounded like war zone light. Explosions going off in every direction, screaming whistles shooting skyward to explode into a multitude of shards of colors and light. … Continue reading

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June Seventeenth; Smiling, One More Step Toward Healing

If I dream every night, I generally do not remember. Usually when I do recall my dreams, it is because they were extraordinarily odd. I have heard, that when you dream of a deceased loved one, they are paying you … Continue reading

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Day 89; Footnotes of Don’t Cry Over Broken Eggs

I haven’t figured out yet exactly how I managed to do, what I did. But, considering it was me, it was probably easy. Recently my son finished destroying his phone. He had dropped it weeks ago and put a slight … Continue reading

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Day Fifty-four; Footnotes of The Further Adventures With Mom

 I had put it off for as long as I could. I found every excuse in the book and made up a few. I finally had to accept the inevitable, I had to go grocery shopping. I was out of … Continue reading

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Day Forty-three- Footnotes of a Weird, Annoying, Learning Day

There are those moments when I’m glad my son doesn’t listen to me. Today held one of those.  If you read my prior post about doing it for love, you know I went and picked up my son from work … Continue reading

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January Fifteenth; Footnotes of The Cat is Watching And Other Moments

   She (the cat) sits on the back steps and watches me through the windows. I know she can see me because she reacts to my movements.She still doesn’t trust me though. I can understand that. If I were in … Continue reading

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Day Six; Footnotes of Whispers and Wishes

Initiate panic buying now. Why? Because I live in an area of North Carolina that doesn’t normally have frozen stuff falling from the sky. When any of the weather prognosticators dare to even think that “S” word..snow, people, the word, … Continue reading

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What Have I Done?

 Retirement was supposed to be wonderful. Suddenly free to do all the things you’ve been wanting to do but couldn’t because you had to work. Then….retirement. Sweet freedom, how you’ve longed for and looked forward to its arrival. When, suddenly, … Continue reading

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