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Day 304; Footnotes of Remembering Grandma

Maybe I have missed more Sunday services than I realized. I went to church this morning to make sure they didn’t need me in the nursery. It was my originally scheduled day but I had swapped out for someone earlier … Continue reading

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May Eighth; Walk Way Back

I was sitting here, scrolling through the shares of others, mentally working on  my morning write when my mother called. It is a usual routine now for her to call around 8:30 every morning. As she talked, I did listen, … Continue reading

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Day 342; Footnotes of Seeking the Reason for the Season

I’ll share this on the promise that no one will tell my son I did so.    Today my mother asked if I would give her a ride to the bank and to the store to purchase the items needed … Continue reading

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Writing and Breathing

            I’ve been writing blogs for a while now. It depends on the mood as to whether it is something fictional, or a retelling of a youthful adventure, or a nonfiction blog on being healthier or on my cancer battle … Continue reading

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